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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lord of the 'erm' Ring... =.='''

Daddy Sky coined this photo as 'Lord of The Ring'.. which I thought it was quite apt...

 But Lewis has other thoughts about that... He wanted to be Lord of the basket too...
Aiyo.. teeth so strong meh...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lucas' latest fave

 Little did I ever in my wildest dream thought that a 4yo would ever eat this: --->
Yes, fish roe... As the teochew porrisge stall at Hong Lim only carries it on every Monday, you will catch us having our warm porridge there. Cos it's a must to go every Monday and Lucas will order this for SURE... Guaranteed, plus chop... ;p

p/s: Eating this dish brings back fond memories.. cos my grandma used to cook this for me.. I am probably the only one at home who appreciates this dish... ;(

Lewis @ 14th months

Check out Bb Lewis' at 14 months... He can crawl super fast n call papa, mama, gege, yeye, nai nai... yeeyeee, ah gong, ah ma.. haha... but his favorite word is dar-dee.... meaning daddy.. he can sit in his play yard n chant dar-dee, dar-dee non stop until his daddy came to his rescue... of course, on days when he was ignored by his daddy, he would try his luck by shouting -- MARMEEE!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

 Simple Celebration for Father's Day... Time flies when you have children.. And it's so tiring to manage everything with 2 of them but when you look at both of them, you will realise it's all worth it.. ;p
 We had dinner at Crystal Jade Jiang Nan @ Vivo... Check out the food.. Very nice dinner for us..
After dinner, Daddy Sky wanted to go Best Denki.. Asked him why.. He said he wanted to check out the water oven that Mommy Me had been eyeing... Guess what, he declared that it's a Father's Day gift for himself and he lugged it home... =.='''

Dunno if it was Father's Day or Mother's Day lor...

p/s: Of course, I am delighted cos I am the one 'eyeing' this... hahahaha

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Angry Bird Craze...

The angry bird craze continues...

Lucas is realli into this Angry Bird now.. No one is spared from his craze.. some days we have to take turns to be the pigs... =.=''''

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Breakfast @ Tiong Bahru Bakery

Daddy Sky read about this new place @ Tiong Bahru and he knew we had to go... Was keeping our fingers crossed that Lucas could recover from his fever soon so we could go check out this new place.

Luckily his fever was kept in check the whole Saturday and so we decided to bring him out for breakfast..

Super crowded place in the morning.. Many tables but it was packed!!!

Many families were in there and we were really excited as we saw many kinds of bread... Lucas was super excited. He ordered a brioche  for himself and Daddy Sky was on a bread spree.. He ordered 4 kinds of bread.. OMG...

Lucky the latte was superb and yup, the coffee was from Forty Hands.. It was a joint venture apparently according to a waiter...

Nice breakfast but wondered when the craze could die down so that I could enjoy the bread properly without being squashed by the crowds.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Red Angry Bird

Daddy Sky actually planned to celebrate Mommy Me's birthday over the weekends over a couple of dinner since we cannot celebrate on our own. But since Lucas was running a high fever the night before, we decided to stay at home and Mommy Me shall cook my own favourite food.

Lucas was knocked out after his Shichida class and when he woke up, he wanted an angry bird sandwich... This was what I managed to whip out:

This was what he managed to mould... A red angry bird... Not too bad.. His motoring skills not bad sia...

Afternote: Refusing to give up, Mommy Me made another Angry Bird for Lucas dinner on Sunday's evening... Lolx....
With the help of ham, now it looks more like one...

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